Miniature Mayhem!

I have been crafty all my life. So it’s no wonder I love hanging out in a miniature world. There is a lot of crafting to be had here! I’m restoring a dollhouse and decorating it with a primitive farmhouse flair. If you think the world of crafts is crazy. Try crafting on a 1/12 scale.

Holy bologna I never knew my hands were so dang big. #truth

Within the miniature world there all all these little niches and it can be a bit overwhelming. Since I love building full scale furniture, building miniature furniture was a no brainer. So fun. So easy and it’s way easier on the back! #arthritisisnotmyfriend

Then one day while mindlessly scrolling crafts on Amazon I happened across this needle felting kit. OMG the possibilities. I ordered the kit. I just wanted to make a couple of pillows for my dollhouse.

Pillows turned into cushions. OMG I can make cushions and build a sofa.

Cushions turned into snowmen. OMG I can make snowmen for outside in the winter. (If you’d like to learn needle felting, here is an amazing company, Bear Creek Felting…. oh the possibilities!

Snowmen turned into a Baby Yoda because ummmm lets get real people; everyone needs a Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda turned into Lorna Jean!

Shit on a shingle! I can make my Grandmother, Lorna Jean. After all, it was her dollhouse. I can make her out of felt and have her in the kitchen cooking and drinking coffee. Or put her in a porch swing. She can work on the roses in her garden…. I feel like I am reliving my childhood.

OH the rabbit holes I have traveled….


I CAN HAVE A LLAMA FARM. I’ll need a couple rabbits too because this effing rabbit hole is BIG! Bear Creek even has a llama kit on Etsy!

So have you ever tried needle felting? I want to take the class, one day. I tend to be a bit of a serial learner. I want to learn all the things.

This episode of my ADHD brain brought to you by me.

Miniature DIY Rag Wreath

1:12 Scale Rag Wreath
1:12 Scale Rag Wreath

I’m a DIY’er at heart. I think I can make EVERYTHING. Actually I know I can…. so miniatures are right up my alley. They are easier to make by nature of their size and typically cost a lot less.

I have seen people making things for their dollhouses out of some of the oddest “trash” and it’s made me look at my trash differently. This rag wreath is the perfect example of that.

Over the weekend I went to toss a plastic water bottle in the recycle bin and I spied with my little eye a wreath. Yup. I did. Stay with me here and I’ll tell you exactly how I did it so you can make one too.

It was the seal ring just under the cap where I saw this mini wreath. You know the one, when you open your bottle of water and break the seal there is that little thin plastic ring that remains around the neck of the bottle. That’s the one! That’s the wreath!

Easy DIY Rag Wreath

Just watch this little video and if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or join in the discussion over on my Facebook page, The Lorny Bin.

The Lorny Bin, say what?

Way back when Mark Zuckerberg added the ‘check in’ feature to Facebook we were having a party and I decided to check in at my own home…. and the play on my name stuck…. so if you come visit, you too can check in at The Lorny Bin. It’s a crazy good time.

Lorna @ The Lorny Bin was named after her paternal grandmother, who was also a Lorna. I was blessed to inherit one of her most prized possessions, a very large Woodline Products Victorian dollhouse.

Woodline Victorian Dollhouse
Mini mansion renovation. 1:12 scale

The dollhouse has been in storage for easily 25 years and I’ve been meaning to get started on it. The time has come. It will be a great project, my #minifixerupper #theminilornybin

I have been researching dollhouse miniatures and specifically my kit and just today found out it is a Woodline Products Victorian House produced around 1977ish and apparently it was quite popular. It is a large unit measuring 48″ wide x 36″ high x 19″ deep in 1/12 scale (1″ per foot).

Further research using my google machine located a couple of great blog posts about this exact model / kit and I could not be happier to learn more about it. You can check it out at Lori’s Magestic Dollhouses

I plan to DIY it all! Including the landscape. Did you know people make miniature flowers and plants. Like make them out of paper and they look like the real deal? There is a whole world of miniatures out there and I have been fully engulfed.

Until next time my friend,

In the Beginning….

I suppose it is important for me to take you back a few years before I can bring you into the big, beautiful present.

Pull up your big comfy chair….

When I first dove into the world of DIY it was out of a desire to learn because I am cheap frugal  😉  and I have always been a do it myself kind of gal. I’m not afraid of much, except maybe electricity.  Lets face it, that schtufffff hurts. (yes, that my friends is a voice of experience)

A few years back I was a vendor at a local tag sale (a monthly shopping venue that opens one long weekend a month and offers all the lovely home decor and fashion you can find behind a single set of doors in a multi vendor environment). It was there that I met an awesome Jesus loving gal,  let’s call her Susan; since that’s actually her name.

Susan and I hit it off instantly, like we’d known each other our entire lives. We decided to open our own little shop together. Cliff Notes: We had a lot of fun, shared a lot of laughter and shared a few tears.  We met a lot of amazing people; both customers and vendors, but FFWD 4 years… I was still working full time in addition to the store, Susan worked almost full time and then I lost my Dad to cancer.  Nothing will make you evaluate what’s important in life like losing a parent.

We made the difficult decision to close down the store, regain some of our time, sanity and passion for why we got started in the first place…. that was at the beginning of 2018.  I finally feel a sense of un-restraint and repose three and a half years later.

I don’t know where this journey is taking me but I choose to enJOY it every step of the way. Thank you for visiting I appreciate you stopping by.

When you tire of your crazy; come hang out in mine! It may not always make sense but it will always be a good time. You can find me most often in my fb group, The Lorny Bin, we’d love for you to join us!

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