Learn to DIY Your Nails with GelMoment

Your friends will have no idea that your nails are DIY’d!

I’ve watched on social media as women across the country lost their minds when the nail salons shut down due to COVID-19.

Two of my friends have had acrylic nails for more than 35 years. I think there may have been tears involved with their nail removals. (In my head I was doing math… acrylic$ X 35 years)

Honestly, I love getting my nails painted because I have big hands and without polish they look a little manly. In the same breath I’m very hard on my polish and unless it was dip or salon gel it didn’t last very long. When you have a dip or salon gel manicure removed your nails are all jacked up until they grow out again because those products destroy the nail bed, at least they did mine. I also do not like the feeling of that grinder removing those products. It was just not a good fit for me personally.

So I would just get the occasional manicure and pedicure with regular polish and usually the manicure was for special occasions, then in between I painted my own nails. Problem solved! Or is it…..

A couple weeks into this crazy quarantine a friend invited me to a GelMoment Facebook event. When I was introduced to GelMoment I was a skeptic. HUGE SKEPTIC. If this stuff jacks up my nails or is like superglue and I can’t get them off, I am not gonna lie…. Im’ma be real dang mad!!!

So I placed an order. I got me some Dance Shoes, a curing light. nail file/buffer, Flake Off and a cuticle pusher. Everythng I needed to DIY my nails. Pretty dang simple, or so they made it seem….

It arrived and I was pretty excited to try it out!

I filed and buffed as suggested, cleaned my nails and got straight to work. One thin coat and cure. Another thin coat and cure. Woahhhhh dude! It looks amazing and it looks professional. Like legit professional. Holy moly my nails look like ay-okay!

I was really bad at taking “nailfies” aka selfies of my nails so I didn’t save the photos from the first time, but they were awesome!

GelMoment Dance Shoes

Now I want more. More colors, more colors. I want to paint all the nails. All the fingers. All the toes. Gimme gimme gimme!

Then it happened. That darn Cari posted in her (you can join mine here) FB group that the start up business kit was on sale for $50. Yeah, $50 and you get a curing lamp, file, two polishes, samples, tools etc etc…. and I think….winner winner chicken dinner. No actually what I thought was winner winner Easter basket! My daughter will love this stuff too. I can give her the kit contents for Easter! In a basket. Because health conscious young women don’t want candy. Or maybe they do but they get mad at you for buying it for them. Anyway, you get my point. This was safe and fun! She gets a great product and now as a consultant I get a discount.

She approves!

I let her borrow my dance shoes because who doesn’t love a pretty pink polish in the Spring! She’s hooked, I’m hooked and now I want to share it with all of you.

The Lorny Bin, say what?

Way back when Mark Zuckerberg added the ‘check in’ feature to Facebook we were having a party and I decided to check in at my own home…. and the play on my name stuck…. so if you come visit, you too can check in at The Lorny Bin. It’s a crazy good time.

Lorna @ The Lorny Bin was named after her paternal grandmother, who was also a Lorna. I was blessed to inherit one of her most prized possessions, a very large Woodline Products Victorian dollhouse.

Woodline Victorian Dollhouse
Mini mansion renovation. 1:12 scale

The dollhouse has been in storage for easily 25 years and I’ve been meaning to get started on it. The time has come. It will be a great winter project, my #minifixerupper #theminilornybin

I have been researching dollhouse miniatures and specifically my kit and just today found out it is a Woodline Products Victorian House produced around 1977ish and apparently it was quite popular. It is a large unit measuring 48″ wide x 36″ high x 19″ deep in 1/12 scale (1″ per foot).

Further research using my google machine located a couple of great blog posts about this exact model / kit and I could not be happier to learn more about it. You can check it out at Lori’s Magestic Dollhouses

Living a Joy Full Life

Even in challenging times you can find JOY.

Read that again.


Read it one more time.

You got it?

Write it down somewhere that you see often. Read it out loud every single time you see it.

Live it!

I spent YEARS being busy. Too busy. I wore myself out. In the end. It is not worth the pain and suffering nor the lost time you can never get back.

Work hard but know your limits. Take a day off. Relax, recover and enJOY.

Leukemia Changes Everything

It happens, life throws you a curve ball, how you react to that curve ball can make all the difference. I’ve always said I wanted to blog, writing is a creative outlet for me that allows me to share my love of creativity in the ‘things’ I create with creative descriptions called posts.

I finally got help creating the blog site and put a plan together and I knew what I wanted to write about….. my love of DIY. About that time, everything changed.

The only thing I love more than DIY is my people. Family and friends they are what truly matters and my rock, my very foundation this side of Heaven has cancer. Seeing that word makes big salty water balls roll down my face. My Mom has cancer. Everything changed.

Me, Rebecca (my daughter), Mom and Lisa (my sister)

Our focus will be helping her navigate her AML journey, achieve remission and love her every single second we are blessed to have her with us. We lost my Dad to cancer two years ago very quickly and I thought nothing could possibly be worse! Man. Was. I. Wrong.

We will still celebrate my love of DIY, my amazing dollhouse and my <3 of Christmas and pretty GelMoment nails but rest assured you’ll learn more about Mom’s journey too! Thank you all for reading my ramblings and be sure to follow along over on Facebook at The Lorny Bin, my crazy little corner of the interwebs.

Farmhouse Blanket Cabinet, Broken Hearts….

How does that old song go…..
Don’t go breakin my heart…. I won’t go breakin your heart….

diy broken hearts cabinet
I literally broke the hearts to create this beauty to create stylish farmhouse storage.

I BROKE THE HEARTS and it turned out amazing!

Do people even use entertainment centers anymore? I knew exactly how I wanted to transform this one. I saw it housing blankets and quilts in a warm and welcoming nook.

There was a time and a place for carved hearts and I performed ‘open heart surgery’. She was gently distressed and given a farmhouse flair complete with chicken wire. One of the few pieces that left me with seller’s remorse.

Follow me over on Facebook at The Lorny Bin for all the projects, creativity and fun!

Resources: Painted with Shabby Paints Alamo and the wood revitalized with Hazelnut Revax.

Merry & Bright

My favorite mantle to date.

I’ve never been bashful about that fact that I love all things Christmas! 

I love Christmas for so many reasons.  Most importantly because it represents the birth of our Savior; the birth of Jesus Christ! 

Christmas is also a time when people are typically a little bit nicer, a little bit more joyful, a little bit more hopeful.  And let’s not forget those little tiny twinkle lights that cast a soft beautiful glow. That just makes me happy! 

It’s usually a depressing day when I begin dismantling the mountain of Christmas joy all over our home….and ironically I am writing this just an hour after un-decorating the main tree in our family room but somehow this year is different.  There isn’t the usual sadness. 

Could it be because I erected the tree oh, I don’t know, November 3rd and I have had a full two months to bask in all of it’s beauty and splendor?    I still can’t believe the holiday season has come and gone but I am ready to get back to creating. What are you looking forward to in the new year? 

I’d love to see your decorations, especially those beautiful trees (even if you’re reading this in June)!  If you get a chance, share them on my Facebook page under the link to this post! Side note:  the photo on the the television is from the sparkler send off at our daughters wedding last year.  That was the best day ever!  I’ll write about that one day….. but for now, thank you for stopping by and letting me ramble.


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