About Me

Hello everyone!  I’m Lorna, I’m told that this is where I tell you all about me; Lorna Lee.   I am the Chaos Controller or CFO (Chief Fun Organizer) at The Lorny Bin.  Coincidentally I am also an Enneagram 7.  The Lorny Bin is our retreat, home, refuge from the daily grind, a place I share with my husband, my momma, our two rottweilers, #ZivaDiva and @RottynRalphie and our family and friends. 

Decorating our home for the holidays brings me great joy. #teamJoyFull

I’m not good at talking up me.  I’m a simple gal really. Most times you will find me barefoot, coffee on my shirt, bun in my hair, creating something pretty.  

I am a self-proclaimed Diva of DIY….  I’ve been married to my amazing husband Tim for over 30 years (well, today he’s amazing….check back tomorrow, that can and does change.) 

I LOVE coffee, moose, all things Christmas and miniatures…. love might be an understatement.

I have struggled for literally Y E A R S with wanting to blog and didn’t know what to blog about.  I guess I have a lot to say and I really don’t want to be tied into a tiny little niche but I get it…. google likes niche. 

I’m trying to find my creative way and stop squirreling my ass off and find something creative to do that I can focus all my creative energy on and have fun with….. SO!  Where do you think we are going?  

When you tire of your crazy, come hang out in mine!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook where you’ll not only be notified of new posts but also get to see snippets of all the fun that may not make it into an official blog post.   

See ya on the inside!

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