Miniature DIY Rag Wreath

1:12 Scale Rag Wreath
1:12 Scale Rag Wreath

I’m a DIY’er at heart. I think I can make EVERYTHING. Actually I know I can…. so miniatures are right up my alley. They are easier to make by nature of their size and typically cost a lot less.

I have seen people making things for their dollhouses out of some of the oddest “trash” and it’s made me look at my trash differently. This rag wreath is the perfect example of that.

Over the weekend I went to toss a plastic water bottle in the recycle bin and I spied with my little eye a wreath. Yup. I did. Stay with me here and I’ll tell you exactly how I did it so you can make one too.

It was the seal ring just under the cap where I saw this mini wreath. You know the one, when you open your bottle of water and break the seal there is that little thin plastic ring that remains around the neck of the bottle. That’s the one! That’s the wreath!

Easy DIY Rag Wreath

Just watch this little video and if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or join in the discussion over on my Facebook page, The Lorny Bin.

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