Miniature Mayhem!

I have been crafty all my life. So it’s no wonder I love hanging out in a miniature world. There is a lot of crafting to be had here! I’m restoring a dollhouse and decorating it with a primitive farmhouse flair. If you think the world of crafts is crazy. Try crafting on a 1/12 scale.

Holy bologna I never knew my hands were so dang big. #truth

Within the miniature world there all all these little niches and it can be a bit overwhelming. Since I love building full scale furniture, building miniature furniture was a no brainer. So fun. So easy and it’s way easier on the back! #arthritisisnotmyfriend

Then one day while mindlessly scrolling crafts on Amazon I happened across this needle felting kit. OMG the possibilities. I ordered the kit. I just wanted to make a couple of pillows for my dollhouse.

Pillows turned into cushions. OMG I can make cushions and build a sofa.

Cushions turned into snowmen. OMG I can make snowmen for outside in the winter. (If you’d like to learn needle felting, here is an amazing company, Bear Creek Felting…. oh the possibilities!

Snowmen turned into a Baby Yoda because ummmm lets get real people; everyone needs a Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda turned into Lorna Jean!

Shit on a shingle! I can make my Grandmother, Lorna Jean. After all, it was her dollhouse. I can make her out of felt and have her in the kitchen cooking and drinking coffee. Or put her in a porch swing. She can work on the roses in her garden…. I feel like I am reliving my childhood.

OH the rabbit holes I have traveled….


I CAN HAVE A LLAMA FARM. I’ll need a couple rabbits too because this effing rabbit hole is BIG! Bear Creek even has a llama kit on Etsy!

So have you ever tried needle felting? I want to take the class, one day. I tend to be a bit of a serial learner. I want to learn all the things.

This episode of my ADHD brain brought to you by me.

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